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+421 2 206 34 163
+421 905 821 913

Pharmacy BENU

About BENU

The new concept of Pharmacies BENU improves the interaction between the customer and pharmacist. Customers besides ordinary drug dispensing, even more try to find the complex consultancy and individual approach. So we in Pharmacies BENU put emphasis on high-quality services provided by the skilled experts.
SPharmacy Self-service Zone allows the customers to familiarize with the products visually and by touch, to make decision on purchase of the products for health and well-being.
We have tried to make the environment where our customers feel good.
„Every day I take care of my family.
I need to manage a lot of things and I don´t have enough time for myself.
This is the reason, why I rely on professional and friend who knows what I need.
This is why I always visit BENU.“

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